Tornadoes wreak havoc across America’s Midwest leaving path of destruction

Omaha, Nebraska – Tornadoes swept through the Midwest region of the United States, leaving a trail of destruction in Nebraska and Iowa. The severe weather event caused a building to collapse with dozens of people inside and damaged hundreds of homes, particularly around Omaha, Nebraska. Reports indicate several injuries but, thankfully, no immediate deaths were … Read more

Villisca Ax Murder House: The Scene of America’s Largest Unsolved Ax Murder

VILLISCA, Iowa — The Villisca Ax Murder House, located in the outskirts of Villisca, Iowa, is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in the nation. This eerie reputation stems from a gruesome crime that took place in 1912 when an unknown assailant killed eight people, including a family of six and their … Read more

Lavinia Fisher: America’s First Female Serial Killer and the Poisoned Tea Murders

Charleston, South Carolina – If you were a traveler in the early 1800s on the Old Charleston Road north of Charleston, South Carolina, you might have come across the Six Mile Wayfarer House operated by Lavinia and John Fisher. Guests could stop for a drink, a meal, or a night’s lodging, and may have been … Read more

Infamous: America’s Most Dangerous Serial Killers Revealed in Shocking New Report

Police in Los Angeles, California have identified a new case of a notorious serial killer. A series of murders has left the community on edge, and authorities are ramping up their efforts to catch the culprit. The recent spate of killings has sparked fear and panic among residents, with many concerned for their safety. The … Read more