Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation Unveiled by Ancient Umbilical Cord Preservation

New Delhi, India: A medical mystery that had puzzled doctors for 14 years was recently solved with the help of an ancient custom of preserving umbilical cords. In 2010, a couple from Haryana, who we will refer to as Prakash and Sarita, lost their first baby after he developed complications and succumbed to pneumonia and … Read more

Cystic Fibrosis Mystery Solved Through Ancient Umbilical Cord Preservation

New Delhi, India: Solving a medical mystery that spanned 14 years, the practice of preserving a segment of a newborn’s umbilical cord proved to be a crucial breakthrough. In a perplexing case, a couple from Haryana, known as Prakash and Sarita, faced the heartbreaking loss of two babies due to a rare genetic condition. In … Read more

**Supernova Stardust Unlocked: Ancient Meteorite Holds Secrets of Cosmic Origins**

New York, NY – Scientists in New York have made a groundbreaking discovery by identifying a rare stardust particle within an ancient meteorite, shedding light on the explosive death of a distant star. This tiny speck of dust carries significant implications for understanding the life cycles of stars and the formation of the cosmos over … Read more