Milkman Homicide Solved: WWII Veteran’s Cold Case Cracked 56 Years Later in Florida

Vero Beach, Florida – A decades-old mystery surrounding the murder of Hiram “Ross” Grayam, a World War II veteran turned beloved milkman, has finally been solved. Grayam, who survived the Battle of the Bulge and witnessed the liberation of two concentration camps, was tragically shot dead while on his delivery route in 1968. After years … Read more

Brent Davis Cold Case Solved After 32 Years: Killer Identified, But Already Dead

New Bedford, Massachusetts – The 32-year-old cold case of Brent Davis has finally been solved, according to the Bristol County District Attorney. However, the man identified as the killer was shot and killed during a robbery in 2006. In 1991, 20-year-old Brent Davis was shot and killed at the Brickenwood Housing Project in New Bedford. … Read more

Cold-Case Murder of Annie Mae Ernest Solved After 38 Years by Jacksonville Authorities

Jacksonville, Florida – Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida have announced that they have finally solved a cold-case murder from 1985. The victim, 38-year-old Annie Mae Ernest, was found murdered in an open area in the 1100 block of Market Street. The case was reopened in 2008 when cold case detectives took another look at Ernest’s murder … Read more

South Carolina Boy’s Cold Case Murder Solved 33 Years Later with Parents’ Arrest

CROSS HILL, S.C. – A breakthrough in a decades-old cold case has led to the arrest of the father and stepmother of a 5-year-old boy who went missing in 1989. The authorities have announced that Victor Lee Turner, 69, and Megan R. Turner, 63, will be charged with the murder of the young boy. The … Read more

Unidentified Serial Killer Victim From Route 95 Cold Case Involving Happy Face Killer Keith Hunter Jesperson Still Not Solved

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Authorities in Riverside County are seeking the public’s help in identifying the last remaining unidentified victim of serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson on the 14th anniversary of his conviction in her murder. The woman’s body was discovered on Aug. 30, 1992, along Highway 95, approximately seven miles north of Blythe, the Riverside … Read more

Virginia Cold Case Suspect Link to 1980s Murders Solved After New DNA Evidence Revealed

Suffolk, Virginia – DNA evidence from a deceased Virginia fisherman has been linked to three unsolved murders from the 1980s, including the sexual assault and killing of a 14-year-old girl. The suspect, Alan W. Wilmer Sr., who passed away in 2017 at the age of 63, was identified by the Virginia State Police on Monday. … Read more

Shocking Gruesome Murders of Three Brothers Solved After Years of Mystery and Intrigue

POPE COUNTY, Minn. — In May 1915, Andrew Knutson made a horrifying discovery when he visited the farm of the Mitmoen brothers near Ben Wade Township. Sven and Johannes (John), the two oldest brothers, were found dead in the house, while the youngest brother, Amund, was discovered deceased in the barn. All three had been … Read more

Solved: Unsolved Murders in One Family Haunt Pennsylvania Twins for Over 50 Years

SAYLORSBURG, Pa. (AP) — In a small kitchen in the Poconos, Lori Leonard is surrounded by poster boards filled with handwritten notes, police sketches, and black-and-white photos. This evidence and information represent the frustration and mystery surrounding the unsolved murders of her parents, John and Madeleine Leonard. More than 50 years have passed, and the … Read more

Jack the Ripper’s Identity Finally Unveiled – Longstanding Mystery Solved with New Clues on the Infamous Killer’s True Identity and Face Revealed

LONDON, England – The mystery of Jack the Ripper’s true identity has captivated the public’s imagination for over a century. Finally, there may be a breakthrough. The recently rediscovered custom-engraved walking stick once owned by Frederick Abberline, a detective who investigated Jack the Ripper back in 1888, has reemerged as a key piece of evidence … Read more

Cold Case Solved: Gloria Pointer’s Murder Extracts 30-Year-Old Promise

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The murder case of Gloria Pointer from 1984 will be revisited by Dateline NBC in an upcoming episode titled “A Promise to Gloria.” The 14-year-old was walking to Harry E. Davis Junior High School on December 6 when she went missing. Later that day, her body was found by a custodian in … Read more