DNA Breakthrough Revives Decades-Old Murder Case in Martin County

Sherburn, Minnesota – A breakthrough in a decades-old murder investigation has reignited hope for justice in the small town of Sherburn, Minnesota. A DNA sample recently discovered at the site where 21-year-old JoAnn Bontjes was fatally shot and left in a roadside ditch in 1975 has sparked new leads in the case, Martin County Sheriff … Read more

Crucial DNA Evidence Links Deceased Man to Decades-Old Cold Case Killings

LANCASTER COUNTY, VA – Alan Wade Wilmer Sr. passed away in his home in Northern Neck over six years ago, only to be discovered weeks later by a delivery driver who noticed an open door. The discovery in 2017 led to an investigation by the State Medical Examiner’s Office into the cause of death. After … Read more

Apology Issued by Travis County DA’s Office After Innocence Hearing Reveals False Theories in Decades-Old Murder Case

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas – A post-conviction innocence hearing was held in Travis County on Friday, revisiting a decades-old murder case and leading to an apology from the District Attorney’s Office to the victim’s family. The case involves the conviction of Allen Andre Causey for the murder of Anita Byington in July 1992, and he was … Read more

Shocking: Serial Killer Admits to 11 Murders on Deathbed, Solving Decades-Old Michigan Cold Cases

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – In October of 1996, Sharon Hammack, a mother of two, was preparing to welcome her third child into the world, when her life was tragically cut short. Her body was discovered on the 3rd of that month, leaving her two children without a mother. Gary Artman, a man with a troubled … Read more

DNA Technology Revolutionizes Decades-Old Cold Cases in Massachusetts

Bristol County, Massachusetts – When a driver came across a human skeleton along the side of Interstate 195 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts in 1985, it launched an investigation to uncover the identity of the remains. After nearly four decades, the body has now been identified as Keith Olson, of Cranston, Rhode Island, who went missing in … Read more

DNA Evidence Links Marion Gales to Decades-Old Unsolved Murder Case, Exonerating Dr. Ed Friedland

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) —Newly released DNA results in a decades-old murder mystery in Charlotte provide potentially incriminating evidence against a 61-year-old career criminal named Marion Gales. This evidence is connected to the 1990 crime scene where Kim Thomas was killed, adding fuel to one of Charlotte’s most infamous unsolved murders. Defense attorney David Rudolf … Read more