Guilty Man Accepts Fate: Death Row Inmate Ends Appeals, Prepares for Punishment

CITRONELLE, ALABAMA – Derrick Dearman, the man responsible for the brutal murders of five people with an ax and a gun in Citronelle eight years ago, has made a shocking admission. Dearman, now facing the consequences of his heinous actions, has decided to forgo any further appeals and accept his death sentence. Dearman’s murderous rampage … Read more

Seeking Tips: Family of Worcester Murder Victim Kevin Harkins Appeals for Information on Body

WORCESTER, Mass. – The family of murder victim Kevin Harkins is appealing to the public for any information on the whereabouts of his body. Harkins, a 58-year-old man, has been missing since July 27, 2020, and his family is desperate for closure. According to authorities, Harkins was the victim of a homicide, but his body … Read more

Man Appeals Sentence for Found Guilty in Murders of Girlfriend and 3 Kids in Indiana Supreme Court

FORT WAYNE, Indiana – A man convicted of murdering his girlfriend and her three young children is appealing his sentence in the Indiana Supreme Court. Cohen B. Hancz-Barron, 21, was found guilty of the killings of Sarah Nicole Zent, 26, and her children, 5-year-old Carter Mathew Zent, 3-year-old Ashton Duwayne Zent, and 2-year-old Aubree Christine … Read more

Qatari Appeals Court Reduces Death Sentence for Indian Naval Officials Caught Spying for Israel

DOHA, Qatar – A court of appeals in Qatar has made a significant decision regarding the fate of eight Indian naval officials convicted of spying for Israel. The death sentences imposed on the individuals have been reduced, but India has yet to disclose the extent of the reduction. The case has attracted attention due to … Read more