Explosions Rock Mississippi Neighborhoods as Atmos Energy Faces Scrutiny

Jackson, Mississippi – In the early hours of a January morning, Nathan Lowe was jolted awake by a deafening explosion near his home on Shalimar Drive. The force of the blast shattered windows, sent debris soaring into the air, and caused chaos in the neighborhood. Lowe’s first instinct was to protect his children from the … Read more

Explosion Survivor Sues Atmos Energy, Hotel, and Restaurant After Fort Worth Hotel Blast

FORT WORTH, Texas – A restaurant worker who claims to have reported the smell of gas 90 minutes before the explosion at a downtown Fort Worth hotel is taking legal action against Atmos Energy, the restaurant, and the companies that own and manage the Sandman Signature Hotel. According to court documents, a Dallas County judge … Read more

Atmos Energy Finds No Connection to Blast at Fort Worth Hotel

FORT WORTH, Texas – After an explosion at the Sandman Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth on January 8th, Atmos Energy has completed its investigation and found “no indication” that its system was involved. The company has stated that it has completed safety checks and investigation, and does not believe its system played a role in … Read more

Atmos Energy Clears Name in Fort Worth Hotel Explosion Investigation

FORT WORTH, Texas – Atmos Energy, the natural gas distribution company, has confirmed that its system was not involved in the recent explosion at a Fort Worth hotel. The explosion, which occurred on Monday, caused significant damage to the hotel and raised concerns about potential gas system issues. The company’s statement comes as the investigation … Read more

Explosion at Downtown Fort Worth Hotel Injures 21, Atmos Energy Finds No Fault in System

FORT WORTH, Texas – Atmos Energy has announced that their system was not involved in the explosion at a downtown Fort Worth hotel on Monday that injured 21 people. The explosion at the W.T. Waggoner Building caused significant damage and sent the first two floors crashing down into the sub-basement. At least 21 people were … Read more

Explosion Investigation Clears Atmos Energy of Responsibility

FORT WORTH, Texas – Following the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Atmos Energy officials have completed safety checks and investigation, finding “no indication” of their equipment or gas lines being involved. The blast, which injured 21 people, occurred in the basement of the hotel where a restaurant, Musume, was under … Read more

Men suing Atmos Energy and others over Fort Worth hotel explosion – court documents

FORT WORTH, Texas – A man is filing a lawsuit against Atmos Energy and the companies that own or manage the Sandman Signature hotel following the explosion that occurred at the hotel on Monday. Christopher Medearis, who was working nearby at the time of the explosion, is being represented by Houston-based law firm Kherkher Garcia. … Read more

Explosion at Downtown Fort Worth Hotel Leads to Lawsuit Against Atmos Energy and Northland Properties

FORT WORTH, Texas – A lawsuit has been filed against Atmos Energy and Northland Properties after an explosion at a downtown Fort Worth hotel. The explosion occurred at the non-operational hotel and caused significant damage to nearby buildings. The lawsuit alleges that the explosion was a result of negligence on the part of Atmos Energy … Read more