Father Killed in Kettering Shooting Identified by Coroner as Leo August

Kettering, Ohio – The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has officially identified the victim of a fatal shooting incident that occurred in Kettering on Friday as 67-year-old Leo August. Initial reports from the Kettering Police had inaccurately stated his age as 62. The incident unfolded on the 2700 block of Haig Avenue, leading to the arrest … Read more

Minneapolis Punk Community Mourns Loss of August Golden in Nudieland Shooting

Minneapolis, Minnesota – In south Minneapolis, Caitlin Angelica’s vibrant two-story home serves as a memorial to her late partner, August Golden, a 35-year-old musician. The aftermath of the Nudieland mass shooting from eight months ago still lingers, as Angelica navigates the grief of losing Golden in the tragic incident that also left six others injured. … Read more

Assault Guilty Plea: Tyler Greening Faces Sentencing Hearing in August

St. John’s, Newfoundland – An 18-year-old individual named Tyler Greening, from Paradise, has admitted to aggravated assault in connection with a brutal attack on a high school student in St. John’s last year. The victim was viciously beaten by a group of students, including Greening, in an incident that occurred at the entrance of Prince … Read more

GILBERT ARREST: Teen Suspect Apprehended in August Assault Case Prompting Police Investigation of Series of Teen Violence Cases

GILBERT, Ariz. — A recent arrest has been made in connection with a violent assault and robbery outside an In-N-Out restaurant last August, where a juvenile victim was hospitalized. The suspect, Christopher Fantastic, 18, is accused of being involved in the attack, which reportedly involved a group of individuals beating and robbing a minor. The … Read more