Cryptocurrency Doctor’s Baffling Disappearance And Death Leave Many Unanswered Questions

CASSVILLE, Mo. (AP) – The mysterious death of Dr. John Forsyth has left his family and community searching for answers since May. The physician and crypto millionaire was found shot in the head 45 minutes from where he was last seen in Cassville, Missouri. Forsyth’s life was considered unconventional and adventurous. He was known for … Read more

Orcas Make Rare Journey North to Southern California, Baffling Experts and Thrilling Whale Watchers

California, US – The waters of Southern California have become the stage for a rare and captivating sight this holiday season as orcas, typically found in the waters off Mexico, have been spotted hunting along the coast. From the Channel Islands to San Diego, groups of up to a dozen of these marine apex predators … Read more