Love Triangle Leads to Murder in Texas: The Shocking Case of Patricia and Bobby Sexton

Jacksonville, Texas – A deadly love triangle in the heart of rural Texas would entangle the lives of Patricia and Bobby Sexton, leaving a trail of betrayal, murder, and deception in its wake. The latest episode of “Snapped: Killer Couples” delves into the chilling details of their ill-fated relationship, airing Sundays on Oxygen. Patricia and … Read more

Unsolved Deaths of Music Legends: The Intoxicating Mysteries Behind Sam Cooke, Bobby Fuller, Johnny Thunders, Elliott Smith, and Paul Williams

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – When legendary music icons die under mysterious circumstances, conspiracy theories often emerge to explain the tragic loss. The world of rock ‘n’ roll has seen its share of unsolved cases, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue. From Los Angeles to Detroit, the deaths of Sam Cooke, Bobby Fuller, Johnny Thunders, Elliott … Read more