Skin Graft Surgery for Teen Injured in Bonfire Explosion Shatters Community’s Peace

Detroit, Michigan – A teenager injured in a bonfire explosion is undergoing skin graft surgery to repair the damage caused by the accident. The incident occurred when the bonfire, which the teen was standing near, unexpectedly exploded. This resulted in severe burns on the teen’s body, necessitating immediate medical attention. The teenager, whose identity has … Read more

Bonfire Explosion Teen Sentenced to One Year in Jail with Probation

Shawano, Wisconsin – Eighteen-year-old Samuel Armstrong, the teenager responsible for a bonfire explosion in Maple Grove that injured 17 people, has been sentenced to one year in jail. The sentence could be reduced to six months with good behavior, in addition to a five-year probation period. Armstrong pleaded no contest to 13 felony charges of … Read more

Explosion Aftermath: Teen Faces Sentencing for Pulaski-Area Bonfire blast

Shawano, Wisconsin – A teenager, Samuel Armstrong, found himself in Shawano County court on April 11, 2024, awaiting sentencing for his involvement in a bonfire explosion near Pulaski. The incident resulted in serious injuries to several teens attending a party in Maple Grove. Armstrong faced charges related to the negligent use of gasoline and diesel … Read more

Explosion Lawsuits Merged in Bonfire Mishap Investigation

PULASKI, WI – A request has been filed to merge five civil lawsuits related to a bonfire explosion near Pulaski. The incident involved Samuel Armstrong, who allegedly rolled a barrel with fuel onto the bonfire, causing the explosion. Armstrong faced charges following the explosion and is now at the center of the legal proceedings that … Read more

Lawsuits Merging After Bonfire Explosion Injures Pulaski Students

Pulaski, Wisconsin – A request has been made to consolidate five civil lawsuits related to a bonfire explosion near Pulaski. The incident, which occurred in Maple Grove, Shawano County, left dozens of current and former Pulaski High School students injured. Three individuals – Brandon Brzeczkowski, Issac Nelson, and Benjamin Van Asten – are still in … Read more

Explosion Rocks Holiday Bonfire in Busan, No Injuries Reported

Busan, South Korea – A holiday bonfire in Busan turned into a frightening scene when an explosion occurred, causing panic among the attendees. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident, which took place on Friday night. The explosion at the bonfire caused by unknown reasons sent shockwaves through the gathering, with some witnesses describing … Read more

Dangerous Bonfire Explosion Prompts Urgent Safety Plea in Local Community

RACINE, Wis. – A plea for help has been made after a bonfire explosion left a group of teenagers with severe burns. The incident, which occurred in Mount Pleasant, has left the victims with life-threatening injuries and in need of financial assistance for their medical expenses. The explosion took place at a gathering where a … Read more

Teen Convicted of Causing Bonfire Explosion Injuring Dozens in Pulaski-area

Shawano, Wisconsin (AP) – A teenager in Wisconsin was found guilty on Monday for causing an explosion that injured more than a dozen people at a bonfire in the Pulaski area. 18-year-old Samuel Armstrong pleaded no contest to 13 counts of injury by negligent use of an explosive for the incident that occurred on October … Read more

Allegations Denied: Defendant Responds to Bonfire Explosion Lawsuit

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. – The defendant, Samuel Armstrong, has responded to the lawsuit regarding the bonfire explosion that injured numerous current and former Pulaski High School students, denying all but one allegation. The incident occurred on October 14, 2022, at a property in the town of Maple Grove. As per the response, Armstrong states that … Read more