Explosion Rocks Holiday Bonfire in Busan, No Injuries Reported

Busan, South Korea – A holiday bonfire in Busan turned into a frightening scene when an explosion occurred, causing panic among the attendees. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident, which took place on Friday night. The explosion at the bonfire caused by unknown reasons sent shockwaves through the gathering, with some witnesses describing … Read more

Violence Against Democracy: DP Leader Attacked in Busan Airport Site

BUSAN, South Korea – The leader of South Korea’s majority Democratic Party (DP), Lee Jae-myung, was attacked on Tuesday while visiting a site designated for a new airport in Gadeok Island off the coast of Busan. The 67-year-old assailant was arrested on the spot and will be investigated on charges of attempted murder. Lee, who … Read more

South Korean Opposition Leader Stabbed in Neck During Public Visit to Busan

BUSAN, South Korea – On Tuesday, opposition leader Lee Jae-myung of South Korea was stabbed in the neck by an unidentified assailant during a visit to the city of Busan, according to police. The 59-year-old head of the main opposition Democratic Party was airlifted to a hospital in Seoul after receiving emergency treatment in Busan … Read more