Hydroplaning and Speed Blamed for Deadly Brazos Valley Crashes During Rainfall

BRENHAM, Texas – Deadly crashes in the Brazos Valley on Monday were attributed by DPS troopers to driving too fast on wet roads and hydroplaning, contributing to two fatal accidents. One of the crashes occurred west of Brenham on Highway 290 and Sunset Road, resulting in the death of 59-year-old Anita Goodrich of Brenham, the … Read more

Fatal Crashes in Brazos Valley Linked to Rainy Weather and Hydroplaning

Brenham, Texas – DPS troopers have reported two fatal crashes in the Brazos Valley during Monday’s rainfall, emphasizing the dangers of driving too fast on wet roads and hydroplaning. In one collision, an eastbound SUV crossed into the westbound lanes of Highway 290 and was struck by a semi, resulting in the deaths of the … Read more