Study Reveals Higher Cancer Mortality Risk in Exclusive Waterpipe Tobacco Smokers Compared to Cigarette Users

Hanoi, Vietnam — A significant new study spanning over a decade has linked waterpipe tobacco smoking, also known as hookah, to a heightened risk of fatal cancers compared to non-smokers. The findings, published in JAMA Oncology, reveal a greater mortality risk from cancers including liver, lung, nasopharyngeal, and stomach cancers, posing serious health concerns for … Read more

O.J. Simpson, Former NFL Star Accused of Murder, Passes Away at 76 from Cancer

Los Angeles, California – O.J. Simpson, the former NFL star and actor, passed away at the age of 76 after battling cancer, his family announced on Thursday. Known for his exceptional talent on the football field, including winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the NFL in rushing, Simpson also gained notoriety for his involvement in … Read more

Deadly Custody Dispute: Father with Terminal Cancer Kills Son’s Ex-Wife and Husband in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada witnessed a tragic incident unfold during a custody dispute over children, leading to a deadly outcome. Reports indicate that a 77-year-old Las Vegas attorney, Joseph Houston, allegedly shot his son’s ex-wife, Ashley Prince, and her husband, Dennis Prince, during a deposition hearing at Prince Law Group. Following the shooting, Joseph Houston took … Read more

Prostate Cancer Claims Life of Damilola Taylor’s Father and Notable Campaigner

Peckham, London – Renowned campaigner and father of Damilola Taylor, Richard Taylor, has passed away at the age of 75 after battling prostate cancer, it was announced. Taylor’s son, Damilola, tragically lost his life at just 10 years old after a brutal attack in a south London stairwell in 2000. Following his son’s death, Richard … Read more

Myeloma Max Payne Legend James McCaffrey Dies at 65 Due to Cancer

Los Angeles, California – Actor James McCaffrey, known for his roles in popular video games like Max Payne and Alan Wake 2, has passed away at the age of 65 after battling cancer, Variety reported. McCaffrey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells responsible for antibody production. Fans … Read more

Cancer: Suzanne Somers’ Death Certificate Reveals Breast Cancer as Cause of Death

Cathedral City, California – Suzanne Somers, the beloved actress known for her roles in “Three’s Company” and as a personal fitness guru, passed away from breast cancer that had spread to her brain, a recent death certificate revealed. The actress, who had been battling the disease for more than two decades, succumbed to her illness … Read more

Charged: Men Accused of Cruelty After Dog Found with Severe Testicular Cancer

ABBA RIVER, Western Australia – Three men in Abba River, near Busselton, have been charged in connection with a severe case of animal cruelty involving an Irish wolfhound suffering from advanced testicular cancer. The incident, which occurred in April 2022, led to the dog being seized and subsequently euthanized due to the severity of its … Read more

The House Speaker Race Takes a Turn: Jim Jordan Could Unexpectedly Secure the House Speaker

Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana, the House Majority Leader, is reportedly far from the required 217 votes to secure the position of House Speaker. According to a Republican leader, he is expected to fall short by at least 20 votes. This situation may pave the way for Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has the … Read more