Combining Multiple Meds into a Single Pill Reduces Cardiovascular Deaths, New Study Shows

St. Louis, MO – Combining multiple medications into a single pill to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease-related conditions has been a concept that has been around for nearly 25 years. Despite the potential benefits of these “polypills” in preventing heart attacks and strokes, their usage remains low worldwide. However, a recent study from researchers … Read more

Cardiovascular Deaths on the Rise in England, Urgent Action Needed to Reverse Alarming Trend

London, England – The number of premature deaths from heart and circulatory diseases in England has reached the highest level in over a decade, raising concerns about the state of cardiovascular health in the country. Recent data shows that in 2022, over 39,000 individuals died prematurely from conditions such as heart attacks, coronary heart disease, … Read more