Combining Multiple Meds into a Single Pill Reduces Cardiovascular Deaths, New Study Shows

St. Louis, MO – Combining multiple medications into a single pill to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease-related conditions has been a concept that has been around for nearly 25 years. Despite the potential benefits of these “polypills” in preventing heart attacks and strokes, their usage remains low worldwide. However, a recent study from researchers … Read more

Qatari Appeals Court Reduces Death Sentence for Indian Naval Officials Caught Spying for Israel

DOHA, Qatar – A court of appeals in Qatar has made a significant decision regarding the fate of eight Indian naval officials convicted of spying for Israel. The death sentences imposed on the individuals have been reduced, but India has yet to disclose the extent of the reduction. The case has attracted attention due to … Read more

Qatar Reduces Death Sentences for 8 Indian Navy Officers to Jail Terms

New Delhi, India – The government of Qatar has commuted the death sentence of eight former Indian Navy personnel, reducing their punishment to jail time. This decision was announced by India’s Ministry of External Affairs, which stated that the government is maintaining close contact with the legal team and the families of the individuals involved. … Read more