Qatari Appeals Court Reduces Death Sentence for Indian Naval Officials Caught Spying for Israel

DOHA, Qatar – A court of appeals in Qatar has made a significant decision regarding the fate of eight Indian naval officials convicted of spying for Israel. The death sentences imposed on the individuals have been reduced, but India has yet to disclose the extent of the reduction. The case has attracted attention due to its secretive and sensitive nature.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs acknowledged the verdict in a press release, stating that they are awaiting the detailed judgment while staying in close contact with the legal team and family members of the convicted individuals to determine the next course of action. The Ministry emphasized the confidential and sensitive nature of the proceedings and refrained from making further comments at present.

The naval officers had been found guilty of spying for Israel and were initially sentenced to death by a Qatari court. They were charged with providing Israel confidential information related to Qatar’s development of a stealth-equipped submarine. Following the imposition of the death penalty, diplomatic talks between India and Qatar led to a review of the ruling, in accordance with Qatari legal procedures.

The accused individuals were employed by Dahra Global Technologies and Consulting Services, a technical firm that worked on a project for Qatar, involving the acquisition of advanced Italian-built submarines capable of evading radar detection. The company, owned by a retired squadron leader of the Royal Air Force of Oman, was shut down amid allegations of transferring secret documents and spying for Israel.

The reduction of the death sentences by the Qatari court of appeals signifies a crucial development in a case that has raised international attention. The outcome of the legal proceedings has yet to be fully disclosed, and the involved parties are deliberating their next steps in response to the recent decision.