Surviving Amidst Devastation: One Man’s Effort to Chronicle the Loss of 270 Family Members in Gaza Airstrikes

In the recent conflict that ravaged Gaza, Yousseport Salem, a resident now living in Istanbul, finds himself cataloguing an immense personal loss that mirrors the broader tragedy befalling the region. Over several months of turmoil, he has meticulously filled a spreadsheet with names and details of nearly 300 relatives killed in airstrikes, trying to inscribe … Read more

“Seizure Videos Shed Light on Mysterious Child Deaths in Cribs” – Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Authorities in Bozeman, Montana are investigating a series of mysterious child deaths, with new evidence showing that seizures may have played a role in some cases. Videos from cribs have revealed possible clues to the cause of these tragic incidents, shedding light on a previously unknown factor in child mortality. The videos, which were analyzed … Read more