Lavender AI System Used in Israel’s War Against Hamas Sparks Concerns About Civilian Deaths

Tel Aviv, Israel – Experts have long cautioned about the risks associated with utilizing artificial intelligence in warfare, highlighting concerns beyond the Hollywood-esque portrayal of autonomous killer robots. Recent reports out of Gaza suggest that Israel has put these warnings into practice with an AI-based system known as Lavender, used by the Israeli Defense Forces … Read more

Gaza: Israel Rejects Hamas Truce Proposal in Ongoing Conflict

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – Amid ongoing tensions in Gaza, Israel has expressed reluctance towards a truce proposal put forth by Hamas, escalating the conflict in the region. The proposal, aimed at de-escalating the violence, has been met with skepticism from Israeli officials, prolonging the hostilities between the two sides. As the conflict continues to … Read more

Hostage Tragedy Unfolds: American Teen Itay Chen Murdered by Hamas

Jerusalem, Israel – Heart-wrenching news struck a family this week when Ruby and Hagit Chen received the devastating knock on the door that every family of a hostage fears. Their son, American Itay Chen, was tragically killed while serving in a tank on the Gaza border on October 7. Until that moment, they held onto … Read more

Israel’s Security Concerns Amid Rising Gaza Civilian Death Toll – Fact-Checking Hamas Fighter Casualties

Tel Aviv, Israel – The conflict in Gaza continues to raise concerns over civilian casualties as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claim to have killed more than 10,000 Hamas fighters in response to attacks that resulted in the deaths of about 1,200 people. The IDF emphasizes the precision of their operations and the efforts to … Read more

Heroic Police Officer Defends Kibbutz from Hamas Terrorists, Kills Dozens with Handgun

Ashkelon, Israel – In a harrowing incident on October 7th, Miki, a police officer, heroically defended his home in a Kibbutz alongside his wife and daughter. The family came under attack by Hamas terrorists, who attempted to invade their residence with malicious intent. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Miki courageously stood his ground armed only with … Read more

Systematic and Intentional: Shocking Report Reveals Hamas’ Sexual Violence in the Oct. 7, 2023 Attack

RAMLE, ISRAEL – The Association of Rape Crisis Centers of Israel (ARCCI) released a comprehensive report detailing the sexual crimes committed “systematically and intentionally” during the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023. According to the “Silent Cry” report, the attacks by Hamas involved violent rape, often with weapons, and in some cases, in front of … Read more

Hamas Accused of Systematic Sexual Crimes in Israel Attack

TEL AVIV, Israel – The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel has recently released a report detailing the alleged systematic and intentional sexual crimes committed by Hamas gunmen during the 7 October attacks. The report claims that these crimes included violent rapes of women conducted collectively or in front of an audience, and has … Read more

Hamas Guilty of Systematic Sexual Crimes Against Women in 7 October Attacks, Report Finds

Reim, Israel – The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel has released a report detailing evidence of sexual crimes committed by Hamas gunmen during the 7 October attacks. According to the report, the evidence suggests that these crimes were committed systematically and intentionally. The report by the umbrella organization describes “identical patterns” of sexual … Read more

Hamas Tried to Sell IDF Soldier’s Head for $10,000, Father Reveals Shocking Details

Kiryat Shmona, Israel – A father’s devastating revelation about the treatment of his son’s body by Hamas terrorists following his death has sparked outrage and deep concern within the country. David Tahar, the father of a deceased Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier, Cpl. Adir Tahar, shared the shocking details of the harrowing ordeal with Channel … Read more

Silent Response to Hamas Attacks on Israeli Women Raises Concerns of Antisemitism

Washington D.C., USA – The horrific sexual violence inflicted upon Israeli women and girls during the Hamas attacks of 7 October has sparked outrage and condemnation from human rights advocates. This appalling incident, which included gang-rape, sexual assaults, and violation of corpses, has highlighted the slow response of international organizations, governments, and civil society to … Read more