Hamas Guilty of Systematic Sexual Crimes Against Women in 7 October Attacks, Report Finds

Reim, Israel – The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel has released a report detailing evidence of sexual crimes committed by Hamas gunmen during the 7 October attacks. According to the report, the evidence suggests that these crimes were committed systematically and intentionally. The report by the umbrella organization describes “identical patterns” of sexual … Read more

Perth Man Accused of Murdering Mother for Life Insurance Money Heads to Trial in October

Perth, Australia – A man is accused of murdering his mother to gain access to her life insurance policy, prosecutors alleged in a Perth court on Thursday. Andre Rebelo, 27, is facing trial in October for the murder of Colleen Rebelo in May 2020, with proceedings expected to last for seven weeks. Her body was … Read more

Vermont Detectives Grapple with Surge in Homicides and Mysterious Deaths in October; No Arrests Made Yet

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Detectives in Vermont are facing an overwhelming surge in homicides and suspicious deaths during the month of October. According to Vermont State Police Maj. Daniel Trudeau, the number of cases in October alone is unprecedented, putting significant pressure on the investigative teams. As of Monday, there have been six homicides and one … Read more