**Unsolved 1987 Murder Mystery Still Haunts Hilo Community**

Hilo, Hawaii – The unresolved murder case of Lynn Ebisuzaki, a 26-year-old Sunday school teacher found dead in 1987, continues to haunt the community. Ebisuzaki’s body was discovered bound and gagged on a vacant lot, with a single stab wound marking her tragic demise. Nearly four decades later, the identity of her killer remains a … Read more

“Legacy” of racial violence haunts Georgia’s Lake Lanier, underwater rescues use robots

FORSYTH COUNTY, Georgia – Over a century ago, a tragic incident occurred in Forsyth County, Georgia. In September 1912, a white 18-year-old, Mae Crow, was found assaulted in the woods near her family’s home. Despite the lack of witnesses or evidence, a 24-year-old Black man, Rob Edwards, was arrested. He was then taken from the … Read more