Drone Strike Destroys Helicopter at Military Installation in Transnistria, Ignites Fire

Chisinau, Moldova – A drone strike targeted a military installation in the breakaway region of Transnistria, destroying a helicopter and causing a fire, authorities in the pro-Russia area reported. Officials in the pro-Russian region pointed fingers at Ukraine for the strike. However, Moldova’s Bureau for Reintegration Policies stated that they did not confirm any attack … Read more

Garang, Sudanese Rebel Leader’s Mysterious Helicopter Crash in 2005 – Unraveling the Last Days

Juba, South Sudan – The mysterious helicopter crash that killed Sudanese rebel leader and Vice President John Garang in 2005 has sparked widespread speculation about the circumstances surrounding his death. Despite air crash investigators attributing the crash to bad weather and pilot error, many theories have since emerged, raising questions about the true cause of … Read more

Navy Helicopter Crash in California: All 6 Passengers Survive

Officials in San Diego, California report that all six passengers on board a Navy helicopter survived after the aircraft crashed into San Diego Bay. The incident occurred and was reported by multiple outlets. Despite the crash, the passengers were able to escape with their lives, marking a miraculous outcome for what could have been a … Read more

Helicopter Crash Lawsuit Results in $100 Million Payout for Victim’s Family

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A tragic tourist helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon in February 2018 resulted in a fatal crash that claimed the lives of five British individuals. The Airbus EC130 B4 helicopter spun out of control and crashed, leading to the deaths of all onboard. A recent development has seen a Nevada court … Read more

Gold Coast Helicopter Pilot in Fatal Collision Found with Cocaine in System, Unlikely to Affect Flying: Report

Gold Coast, Australia – A preliminary investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) revealed that a helicopter pilot involved in a mid-air collision on the Gold Coast had cocaine in his system. However, the level of the drug was unlikely to have affected his flying, according to the bureau’s interim report released on Tuesday. … Read more