Hopeful Family of Missouri Teen in Violent Brawl Sees Recovery Ahead

St. Louis, Missouri – The family of a Missouri teenager brutally beaten in a violent altercation captured on camera is hopeful for her recovery. Kaylee Gain, 15, was hospitalized with brain bleeding after the incident outside a school in St. Louis. The incident has left the family devastated, but they remain optimistic about Kaylee’s chances … Read more

Remains Hopeful as Wreckage of Missing Indian Air Force Plane Possibly Located

VISAKHAPATNAM, India – The search for the remains of the eight employees of the Naval Armament Depot, Visakhapatnam, aboard an Indian Air Force AN 32 transport plane, took a hopeful turn on Friday. The plane had disappeared over the Bay of Bengal on July 22, 2016, after taking off from Chennai. Along with six crew … Read more

Happy Face Killer Victim ‘Claudia’ Hopeful for Identification

Riverside County, California – The identity of a woman known only as “Claudia” may finally be revealed as investigators continue their efforts to identify the final victim of the notorious “Happy Face Killer.” Convicted serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson admitted to murdering the woman he referred to as Claudia, along with seven other women in … Read more