Eruption Alert: Ibu Volcano in Indonesia Spews Ash 21,000 Feet High

Jakarta, Indonesia – The Ibu volcano in Halmahera, Indonesia, experienced another powerful explosion early this morning, sending ash plumes soaring up to 21,000 feet into the sky. This recent eruption marks a significant event in the continued volcanic activity in the region. The eruption of the Ibu volcano has raised concerns among locals and authorities … Read more

Volcano Erupts in Indonesia, Evacuations Ordered as Ash Cloud Reaches 63,000 feet

Jakarta, Indonesia – Known for its high volcanic activity, Indonesia is home to 127 potentially active volcanoes, with several erupting on any given day. While most eruptions are minor, the country has also witnessed some of the largest explosive volcanic events in history. Notable eruptions include Krakatoa in 1883, Tambora in 1815, and Toba around … Read more