Evacuations ordered after Youngstown building explosion: Residents in turmoil as they face urgent relocation

Youngstown, Ohio – Residents of the International Tower in Youngstown are facing uncertainty as they were given a 72-hour notice to evacuate due to safety concerns. The tower, known for being income-based affordable housing, is at risk of collapse following an explosion in a neighboring realty building two weeks ago. The city has been working … Read more

Tragedy: Man Ordered to Stand Trial for Murder in Deaths of Two Eagle Mountain Toddlers Playing in Corral

Provo, Utah – A judge in 4th District on Monday ordered Kent Cody Barlow to stand trial for two counts of murder in the deaths of two Eagle Mountain toddlers playing in a horse corral. The tragic incident occurred when a car driven by Barlow veered off the road and crashed into Cedar Valley Stables … Read more

Barlow Ordered to Stand Trial for Murder of Eagle Mountain Toddlers

Provo, Utah – A judge in the 4th District ordered Kent Cody Barlow on Monday to stand trial for the deaths of two toddlers in Eagle Mountain. The tragic incident occurred when a car veered off the road and crashed into Cedar Valley Stables, where the 3-year-old boys, Odin Jeffrey Ratliff and Hunter Charlie Jackson, … Read more

Volcano Erupts in Indonesia, Evacuations Ordered as Ash Cloud Reaches 63,000 feet

Jakarta, Indonesia – Known for its high volcanic activity, Indonesia is home to 127 potentially active volcanoes, with several erupting on any given day. While most eruptions are minor, the country has also witnessed some of the largest explosive volcanic events in history. Notable eruptions include Krakatoa in 1883, Tambora in 1815, and Toba around … Read more

Suspect Ordered to Stand Trial for Allegedly Drunk Driving and Killing Pedestrian in University Heights

SAN DIEGO, California – A man accused of driving under the influence and leaving the scene after fatally striking a pedestrian in University Heights has been ordered to stand trial on murder charges. Brandon Allen Janik, 37, was arrested months after allegedly running a red light and hitting 47-year-old Joshua Gilliland as he crossed the … Read more

XL Bully Dog Owner’s Violent Outburst in Court After Pet Ordered to Be Put Down

Miami, FL – A dog owner exploded in a violent outburst in court after his XL Bully breed pet was ordered to be put down. The incident occurred during a hearing in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, where the judge ruled that the dog, who had attacked a woman, posed too great a risk to the … Read more

Convicted Sri Lankan Lawmaker’s Pardon Revoked, Ordered Back to Prison for Life

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – The top court in Sri Lanka has nullified a presidential pardon for a former lawmaker convicted of murder, ordering him to return to prison for life. The court ruled that the former president did not follow due process when he ordered the release of Duminda Silva, a close associate, who was … Read more

Alissa Weese receives deferred adjudication but is ordered incarcerated for six months first in the robbery that killed Jasmine Williams

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The last of seven defendants involved in the 2020 robbery and murder case of Jasmine Williams, 19, has been sentenced. Alissa Weese, 25, was ordered to serve ten years of deferred adjudication, with the first six months to be spent incarcerated. Weese’s sentencing comes after a plea agreement for probation was … Read more