Tragedy: Sri Lankan Father Survives Family Massacre in Canada

Toronto, Canada – A heartbreaking tragedy unfolded in Ottawa when Dhanushka Wickramasinghe returned home from work to discover his wife and four young children brutally murdered. The Sri Lankan father survived the attack but sustained injuries while defending his family, now recovering in a hospital from his wounds. The shocking incident took place in their … Read more

Massacre: Sri Lankan Newcomer Family Slaughtered in Ottawa Townhouse

Ottawa, Canada – A devastating tragedy has struck the peaceful neighborhood of Barrhaven in Ottawa, where a family of newcomers from Sri Lanka was brutally attacked in their own home. The horrific incident resulted in the deaths of four young children, their mother, and a family acquaintance, leaving the community in shock and grief. The … Read more

Massacre in Ottawa: Sri Lankan Family Killed, Suspect Arrested on First-Degree Murder Charges

Ottawa, Canada – A tragic incident in a suburb of Ottawa has left six individuals, including an infant, dead. The Ottawa Police Service responded to a residence on Berrigan Drive after receiving multiple 911 calls on the night of March 6. Upon arrival, a man was found outside the home, seeking help, and was hospitalized … Read more

Massacre: Sri Lankan Family Murdered in Ottawa Home In Incident

Ottawa, Canada – A tragic incident has left residents of Ottawa in shock as authorities have identified the members of a family of newcomers from Sri Lanka who were killed in their home in a suburb of Ottawa. The Ottawa Police Service responded to the scene after receiving multiple 911 calls and discovered the bodies … Read more

Investigation Launched into Dialysis Unit Shutdown at Sri Lankan Hospital

Kurunegala, Sri Lanka – In the heart of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, a troubling situation has arisen at the local hospital. Following a series of patient deaths, the dialysis section of the hospital has been temporarily shut down due to fears of a potential infection causing these fatalities. The Health Ministry has responded by appointing a … Read more

Convicted Sri Lankan Lawmaker’s Pardon Revoked, Ordered Back to Prison for Life

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – The top court in Sri Lanka has nullified a presidential pardon for a former lawmaker convicted of murder, ordering him to return to prison for life. The court ruled that the former president did not follow due process when he ordered the release of Duminda Silva, a close associate, who was … Read more

Assault of Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party Members Results in Legal Case at Moratuwa Magistrate Court

MORATUWA, SRI LANKA – A legal case involving the violent attack on Dehin Wasantha and Lakshman Fernando, members of the Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party (SEP), was presented to a judge at the Moratuwa Magistrate Court on January 8. The accused, Indika Perera and Suranga Piyawardena, both of whom are on bail, are the president … Read more

Sri Lankan University Workers & Youths Condemn Attack on Socialist Equality Party Members

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) has received widespread support from workers, youths, and organizations worldwide in response to the violent attack on two of its members in Sri Lanka. The attack, carried out by pro-government thugs, left Dehin Wasantha, a veteran university worker and advocate for workers’ rights and socialism, with … Read more