Coercive “Bully” Jailed After Violent Assault on Ex-Girlfriend

Nottingham, United Kingdom – A coercive individual from Basford, Nottingham has been sentenced to jail for inflicting a series of abusive actions that culminated in a violent attack on his ex-girlfriend, resulting in her arm being broken. Ryan Burrell, residing on Stoneycroft Road, engaged in controlling and coercive behaviors in order to manipulate his victim … Read more

XL Bully Rampage Ends in Armed Police Shooting: Four Injured in South West London Incident

London, England – Armed police officers fatally shot an XL Bully last night in South West London after the dog mauled four people. The Metropolitan Police responded to reports of the XL Bully being dangerously out of control and attacking individuals in Battersea. The chaotic scene unfolded on York Road, where bystanders tried desperately to … Read more

XL Bully Dog Owner’s Violent Outburst in Court After Pet Ordered to Be Put Down

Miami, FL – A dog owner exploded in a violent outburst in court after his XL Bully breed pet was ordered to be put down. The incident occurred during a hearing in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, where the judge ruled that the dog, who had attacked a woman, posed too great a risk to the … Read more