Illegal Street Market Chaos Erupts on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights as Shopkeepers Speak Out

New York City residents in the neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, are expressing frustration with the sudden rise of illegal street markets on Roosevelt Avenue. These markets, which have attracted vendors selling a variety of goods, including stolen items and even engaging in prostitution, have caused concern among local business owners. Milton Reyes, manager at … Read more

Deli Worker Recounts Brutal, Unprovoked Slashing Attack in Washington Heights

(New York, NY) A deli worker in Washington Heights described a horrifying and unprovoked attack that left him and his friend injured. The incident took place at a deli in which the worker and his friend were working when they were suddenly attacked by a violent individual. The worker shared details of the attack, explaining … Read more

Bedford Heights Teen Fatally Shot at Gas Station: Police Seek Information

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio – Tragedy struck when a teenager lost their life in a fatal shooting at a gas station in Bedford Heights. The 19-year-old victim, La’Quan Evans, succumbed to their injuries at MetroHealth Medical Center following the incident at Libby Gas Station on March 30, as confirmed by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office. … Read more

Murder-Suicide Confirmed in Madison Heights House Fire Tragedy

Madison Heights, Michigan – Authorities have determined that the tragic deaths of two individuals found in a burning home on Wednesday were the result of a murder-suicide, police confirmed. The incident, which took place in Madison Heights, a suburban city in Oakland County, Michigan, has left the community shocked and saddened by the loss of … Read more

Explosive operation planned by Defense Ministry in Golan Heights

The Defense Ministry is set to conduct a controlled explosion of mines in the Golan Heights region, signaling efforts to ensure safety and security in the area. The operation comes as part of ongoing measures to clear the area of any potential hazards. Mines and unexploded ordnance pose a significant risk to civilians and wildlife … Read more

Brooklyn Boy, 13, Fatally Shot in Third Crime of the Week at Crown Heights

Brooklyn, New York – A tragic incident unfolded in Crown Heights, with a 13-year-old boy becoming a victim of gun violence on Thursday, the third fatal shooting in the area within a week. The young boy, identified as Troy Gill, was fatally shot multiple times around 10:40 p.m. at the intersection of St. Marks and … Read more

Suspect Ordered to Stand Trial for Allegedly Drunk Driving and Killing Pedestrian in University Heights

SAN DIEGO, California – A man accused of driving under the influence and leaving the scene after fatally striking a pedestrian in University Heights has been ordered to stand trial on murder charges. Brandon Allen Janik, 37, was arrested months after allegedly running a red light and hitting 47-year-old Joshua Gilliland as he crossed the … Read more

Kidnapping and Torture Florida Man Charged: Sterling Heights Case Heat Up

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Michigan – Renado Gary Coleman, a Florida man suspected in the violent kidnapping and torture of a Sterling Heights man outside of a Macomb County gym, has been charged in the case, according to police. Coleman, 38, was taken into custody in Tampa and extradited to Shelby Township, where the alleged attack took … Read more

Fatal Shooting in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Leaves 23-Year-Old Man Dead and 21-Year-Old Connected Versus Separate

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – A fatal shooting took place on the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening, with the victim succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds. The 23-year-old man was standing at the corner of Utica Ave. and Union St. when the assailant approached and fired about 10 rounds, hitting the victim in the chest. … Read more

Delphi Murders Case Reaches New Heights as Prosecutor Seeks Attorney Sanctions and Defense Seeks Judge’s Removal

DELPHI, Ind. — The Delphi murders case has taken a new turn as the legal battle intensifies. There are new developments as the prosecutor seeks to hold the defense attorneys in contempt of court, while the defense seeks to have the judge removed from the case. The prosecutor has filed a motion arguing that defense … Read more