Baltimore Warrant Task Force Delay in Serving Warrants Criticized After 81-Year-Old Murder

Baltimore, Maryland – A disturbing case of domestic abuse and murder in Baltimore has raised questions about the efficiency of the regional justice system. The incident involved a woman in a wheelchair who was held hostage and robbed by her husband, and tragically resulted in the fatal shooting of 81-year-old Jaward Hannah. The delay in … Read more

Charged: Suspect serving life sentence in Illinois for woman’s murder now facing first-degree murder charge in St. Louis slaying

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A suspect serving a life sentence in Illinois for killing a woman on the same day has been charged in the murder of a man in the Patch neighborhood in St. Louis. Timothy B. Stokes, 55, has been charged with first-degree murder in the June 30, 2019, death of Brian Culton … Read more

Released Russian Convicts, Including Serial Killers and Ritualistic Murderers, Sent to Fight in Ukraine and Pardoned After Serving the Minimum Time

Volgograd, Russia – The decision to release dangerous convicted criminals from Russian prisons to serve in Ukraine and subsequently pardon them has raised concerns about public safety. Among those released are individuals with a history of serious and violent crimes, including serial killers and ritualistic murderers. The fear of these criminals being reintegrated into Russian … Read more

“Happy Face Killer” Serving Three Consecutive Life Sentences in Prison at Oregon State Penitentiary – Confesses to Murder Leading to Wrongful Conviction and Deadly Rampage

SALEM, OREGON – Keith Jesperson, also known as the Happy Face Killer, is a notorious serial killer who terrorized the United States in the early 1990s. His chilling crimes left a trail of horror and heartbreak in their wake. Jesperson, a long-haul truck driver and divorced father of three, claimed the lives of at least … Read more

PARDONED: Russian Serial Killer Killed in Ukraine Serving on Frontlines

VOLGOGRAD, Russia – A convicted Russian serial killer, Denis Zubov, who was pardoned in exchange for serving on the front lines, has reportedly been killed fighting in Ukraine. Zubov, 41, was killed on April 20, 2023, according to the date on his grave marker – but his death was just uncovered by a group that … Read more

Prisoner serving time for spitting on police officer killed in Texas penitentiary cell

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — The inmate who was murdered at the Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas was serving a three-year sentence for spitting on a police officer. 34-year-old Antwan DeAngelo Alexander had been convicted of harassment of a public servant and was halfway through his sentence when he was beaten to death in his cell … Read more

Indiana Man Serving 20-Year Sentence for Child Abuse Images Found Dead in Federal Prison in Michigan

A 26-year-old man from Portage, Indiana, who was serving a 20-year sentence for producing child abuse images, has been found dead at a federal prison in Milan, Michigan. Romio Hawkins was discovered unresponsive at the Milan prison and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. Hawkins had been at … Read more

Mother Serving Life Sentence for Murdering 8-Year-Old Daughter Dies in B.C. Prison: Lisa Batstone’s End

A woman serving a life sentence for the murder of her eight-year-old daughter has died in custody at the Fraser Valley Institution in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Lisa Batstone, 50, passed away on January 1, with the cause of death yet to be released by the Correctional Service Canada (CSC). Batstone was found guilty of second-degree … Read more