Pardoned Russian Serial Killer Dies Fighting in Ukraine: Reports

Voronezh, Russia – A Russian serial killer who was granted a pardon in exchange for fighting in Ukraine has reportedly been killed at the front. Denis Zubov, 41, was known for his conviction of killing three people between 2013 and 2014, during which he committed gruesome acts of violence against his victims. His death nine … Read more

Released Russian Convicts, Including Serial Killers and Ritualistic Murderers, Sent to Fight in Ukraine and Pardoned After Serving the Minimum Time

Volgograd, Russia – The decision to release dangerous convicted criminals from Russian prisons to serve in Ukraine and subsequently pardon them has raised concerns about public safety. Among those released are individuals with a history of serious and violent crimes, including serial killers and ritualistic murderers. The fear of these criminals being reintegrated into Russian … Read more

PARDONED: Russian Serial Killer Killed in Ukraine Serving on Frontlines

VOLGOGRAD, Russia – A convicted Russian serial killer, Denis Zubov, who was pardoned in exchange for serving on the front lines, has reportedly been killed fighting in Ukraine. Zubov, 41, was killed on April 20, 2023, according to the date on his grave marker – but his death was just uncovered by a group that … Read more

Maniac Serial Killer Pardoned by Putin, Recruited to Wagner PMC, Dies in Ukraine

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – A shocking revelation has emerged as it was uncovered that a notorious serial killer, Denis Aleksandrovich Zubov, was among the thousands of prisoners released by Vladimir Putin to strengthen his forces. Zubov, who was given a 21-year sentence for murdering three people, including his ex-girlfriend, was reportedly pardoned by Putin and recruited … Read more