Intoxicated Yukon man testifies in murder trial, claims lack of memory from night of incident

In Dawson City, Yukon, a man on trial for second-degree murder testified this week about the events leading up to the death of Kevin Edward McGowan in 2018. Kane Morgan admitted to causing McGowan’s death but pleaded not guilty to the charge, citing intoxication and lack of intent. During the trial, Morgan expressed deep remorse … Read more

Intoxicated Private School Alumni Almost Kills in Violent Incident: Alumni Warned

Rockhampton, Australia – A former private school student in Rockhampton, Australia, was warned by authorities that he could have potentially caused harm due to being “extremely intoxicated.” The incident has raised concerns over the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, especially among young adults. The individual, who remains unidentified, was reportedly involved in a serious incident … Read more