Trump’s Fight for Free Speech Amidst Prosecution Pressure

Former President Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment on Tuesday to criticize special counsel Jack Smith and to maintain an open dialogue about his criminal lawsuits, even as prosecutors pursued a protective order to restrict the information that Trump and his associates could share. In New Hampshire, a state known for its early voting, Trump criticized … Read more

Smith’s Desperate Move: Trying to Muzzle Trump Over a Tweet?

In a fiery turn of events, the relentless pursuit against former President Donald Trump by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith has reached new heights. On Aug. 4, Smith dared to request a “protective order” against Trump, all because of a straightforward social media post where Trump declared, “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING … Read more

Jim Jordan Leads Investigation Into FBI’s Political Interference

Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch Republican, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, spearheads a genuine inquiry into alleged FBI misconduct to undermine Donald Trump’s political standing.