Landmine Explosion Leaves Kurdish Man Injured in Saqqez Village

Hermidol, Kurdistan Province, Iran – Keyvan Hermidoli, a Kurdish man, was injured in a landmine explosion while gathering wild herbs in the village of Hermidol near Saqqez. The incident occurred on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, leading to his immediate transportation to a local medical facility for treatment. Sources from the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights … Read more

Mine Explosion in Kurdish Province Leaves One Dead and Several Injured, Including Leg Amputation

Sanandaj, Kurdistan – A tragic incident has shaken the Kurdish community in Kamyaran, as Hamdi Mahbuobian, a dedicated resident, fell victim to a devastating mine explosion resulting in the amputation of his leg. This harrowing event marks just one in a series of recent mine-related accidents that have plagued the region, with multiple individuals, including … Read more

Kurdish Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death by Tehran Court Amid Iran-Israel Tensions

TEHRAN, Iran – A Tehran court has declared the death sentences of four Kurdish political prisoners on charges of collaborating with Israel. The Norwegian-based human rights group Hengaw has raised concerns about the imminent danger the prisoners are facing due to political decisions being made by the Iranian government. According to Hengaw, the sentences of … Read more

Turks Protest Against Israel’s War on Gaza and Deadly Kurdish Attacks on Soldiers

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Istanbul on Monday to protest Israel’s military actions in Gaza and the recent killing of Turkish soldiers by Kurdish militants in Iraq. The rally, organized by a foundation with ties to the son of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, attracted demonstrators waving Turkish … Read more