Road-Rage Shooting in Norcross Sends Bullets Flying: Victim Grazed in Leg as Shooter Opens Fire

NORCROSS, Ga. — A terrifying road rage incident in Norcross, Georgia, left a driver dodging bullets as he tried to escape a shooter who was firing at him while both vehicles were in motion, according to local authorities. The victim recounted how his car was struck by six bullets during the harrowing event, resulting in … Read more

Mine Explosion in Kurdish Province Leaves One Dead and Several Injured, Including Leg Amputation

Sanandaj, Kurdistan – A tragic incident has shaken the Kurdish community in Kamyaran, as Hamdi Mahbuobian, a dedicated resident, fell victim to a devastating mine explosion resulting in the amputation of his leg. This harrowing event marks just one in a series of recent mine-related accidents that have plagued the region, with multiple individuals, including … Read more