End for Rapper Julio Foolio in Tampa Shooting Captured on Leaked Surveillance Footage

Tampa, Fla. — The rising star of the hip-hop community, 26-year-old rapper Julio Foolio, was tragically gunned down in an ambush in a Tampa parking lot on June 23. The attack, which was captured on leaked surveillance footage, took place in a lot commonly used by guests of two prominent city hotels, the Hilton and … Read more

Leaked Documents Revealed in Court Hearing Over Nashville School Shooting Coverage

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A media organization is set to appear in court following the release of details from leaked documents concerning the shooter responsible for the tragic event that claimed six lives at a Nashville elementary school in March 2023. The media outlet is now engaged in legal action to have those records, along with … Read more

Judge Orders Conservative Media Outlet to Court Over Leaked Documents Involving Nashville School Shooting

Nashville, Tennessee – A conservative media organization is facing legal action after publishing details from leaked documents related to a 2023 school shooting in Nashville. Judge I’Ashea Myles has scheduled a hearing for Star News Digital Media and editor-in-chief Michael Leahy to address concerns over the alleged violation of court orders. The organization is also … Read more

Ammonia Truck Accident: Multiple Deaths and Thousands of Gallons Leaked, Authorities Confirm

ROCKFORD, Ill. – At least four people have been confirmed dead after a truck carrying thousands of gallons of ammonia crashed in Rockford, Illinois. The accident resulted in a massive ammonia leak that has raised concerns about the potential impact on the surrounding area. The truck accident occurred on Tuesday, and authorities are still working … Read more

Leaked Delphi Murder Scene Photos Lead to Indictment of Mitchell Westerman, Former Associate

Fishers, Indiana – A man has been arrested for allegedly leaking disturbing crime scene photos related to the Delphi murder case to the public. Mitchell Westerman, 41, has been charged with one count of conversion for allegedly taking photos of sensitive evidence from the 2017 Delphi murders case and sharing them online. The suspect allegedly … Read more