Delphi Murders Case Reaches New Heights as Prosecutor Seeks Attorney Sanctions and Defense Seeks Judge’s Removal

DELPHI, Ind. — The Delphi murders case has taken a new turn as the legal battle intensifies. There are new developments as the prosecutor seeks to hold the defense attorneys in contempt of court, while the defense seeks to have the judge removed from the case. The prosecutor has filed a motion arguing that defense … Read more

Evidence Deemed Admissible in Delphi Murders Suspect Trial by Judge

Indiana – A judge has ruled that evidence in the case of a suspect in the Delphi murders is admissible in the upcoming trial. The suspect, who is accused of murdering two young girls in 2017, will now face the evidence against him in court. The ruling comes after the defense team had filed a … Read more

Delphi Murders Suspect Richard Allen Receives Additional Murder & Kidnapping Charges in Indiana

DELPHI, Indiana – Prosecutors in Indiana have filed new charges, including murder, against the suspect in the horrific killings of two Indiana teen girls seven years ago. Richard Matthew Allen, 51, is accused of killing 14-year-old Libby German and 13-year-old Abby Williams while they were hiking near Delphi in 2017. New felony kidnapping and murder … Read more

Delphi Murders Case: Indiana Supreme Court Hears Full Hearing on Key Arguments

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – The Indiana Supreme Court heard arguments in the Delphi murders case on January 18th, 2024. Civil attorneys for Richard Allen presented three major points before the court, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal proceedings. During the hearing, attorneys representing Allen argued for his innocence, citing evidence that they claim refutes … Read more

Leaked Delphi Murder Scene Photos Lead to Indictment of Mitchell Westerman, Former Associate

Fishers, Indiana – A man has been arrested for allegedly leaking disturbing crime scene photos related to the Delphi murder case to the public. Mitchell Westerman, 41, has been charged with one count of conversion for allegedly taking photos of sensitive evidence from the 2017 Delphi murders case and sharing them online. The suspect allegedly … Read more