The House Speaker Race Takes a Turn: Jim Jordan Could Unexpectedly Secure the House Speaker

Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana, the House Majority Leader, is reportedly far from the required 217 votes to secure the position of House Speaker. According to a Republican leader, he is expected to fall short by at least 20 votes. This situation may pave the way for Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has the … Read more

Watch Out: Matt Gaetz’s Father is Running For Office; Here’s Why

Don Gaetz, the father of Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), has expressed his intention to return to the Florida Senate, a position he once held. At 75 years old, Don Gaetz revealed his plans to file the necessary documents for a campaign in the upcoming year’s election. This decision comes after former state Representative Frank White … Read more

Kevin McCarthy’s Meltdown: Is This the End of His Reign as Speaker?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reached his breaking point with GOP members who are threatening to oust him due to perceived inaction on a series of demands from the Freedom Caucus members of his party. “If you want to file the motion, file the fucking motion,” McCarthy told his GOP colleagues on Thursday. This came after … Read more

Matt Gaetz’s Proposal To Have The House Say The Pledge Of Allegiance Before Each Meeting Sparks Heated Debate.

A routine amendment proposal by Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida devolved into an emotional tit-for-tat in the House Judiciary Committee. On Wednesday, Gaetz proposed a rule change in the House Judiciary Committee so that the Pledge of Allegiance would be said at the beginning of every committee meeting.