South Side Chicago Man Shot and Killed After Argument at Maxwell Street Polish

Chicago, Illinois – A tragic incident unfolded on the South Side of Chicago, resulting in a fatal shooting after an altercation, as reported by the Chicago police department. The unfortunate event took place early on a Saturday morning at a Maxwell Street Polish establishment located on the 7400-block of South State Street in Park Manor. … Read more

Netflix’s Detective Forst Series Unveils a Twisted World of Serial Killers in the Polish Highlands

Zakopane, Poland – A six-episode series on Netflix, “Detective Forst,” features a commissioner investigating a serial killer loose in the Tatra Mountains. The commissioner, Detective Forst, played by Borys Szyc, comes to the police department in Zakopane from Kraków, where his past actions get him banished to this remote posting. The show, directed by Daniel … Read more

Treasure or Curse? Mystery of Polish Adventurer’s Death Linked to Lost Tsarist Treasure

Zółwin, Poland – Speculation abounds about the possible existence of two billion dollars of lost Tsarist treasure hidden in a palace near Warsaw. The rumors trace back to the mysterious death of Polish adventurer Ferdynand Ossendowski, who met with a German officer in the closing stages of World War Two and soon after succumbed to … Read more