Tribute Song Recorded by Maine Musicians for Lewiston After Mass Shooting

LEWISTON, Maine — Two dozen musicians from various parts of Maine came together in Portland to record a tribute song for the city of Lewiston following a mass shooting. The song was originally written over 20 years ago as part of a promotional campaign to celebrate the city, and has been intermittently used since then. … Read more

Sadiq Khan’s Eight Years: More than 1,000 Homicides Recorded During Mayoral Tenure

LONDON, ENGLAND – In the 2,773 days since Sadiq Khan was elected as the mayor of London, a staggering 1,008 homicides have been recorded, according to police estimates. This means that, on average, around 130 families have been torn apart by the loss of a loved one each year during his tenure. The numbers include … Read more

Investigation unveiled after multiple deaths recorded in Central Virginia in less than two weeks

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – Local authorities are continuing their investigations into a series of unexplained deaths that have occurred in the Central Virginia region in less than two weeks, with most of the incidents happening in private residences. Authorities are currently looking into multiple deaths that have taken place in Henrico County, New Kent County, … Read more

Mass Shootings in the US Up 2023: 650 Incidents Recorded

The United States has seen a staggering 650 mass shootings in 2023, averaging about two per day, making it the second-highest number recorded since the Gun Violence Archive began collecting data in 2014. The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization, defines mass shootings as incidents where at least four people are injured or killed in … Read more