Operation Triple Digits: Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children Launch Ambitious Goal to Reduce City’s Homicide Rate in 2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children have launched an initiative to reduce the city’s homicide rate in the coming year. The group aims to bring the number of homicides in 2024 below 100. Community leaders, elected officials, faith leaders, and law enforcement officials joined the mothers in launching Operation Under Triple Digits. … Read more

Public Health Measures in Colombia Reduce Homicide Rate Through Social Innovation

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – In the city of Palmira, a new program has made significant strides in reducing the murder rate by 29 percent, marking the lowest rate in 17 years. This innovative approach has proven to be more effective than traditional security measures, with the city’s commitment to social innovation at the forefront of this … Read more

Animal Advocates Unite: New Metro Council Group Seeks Solutions to Reduce Animal Abuse

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A newly formed group within the Metro Council in Nashville, Tennessee is seeking solutions to combat animal abuse in the city. The group, made up of council members, animal advocates, and law enforcement officials, is aiming to address the growing concern of animal cruelty and neglect in the community. The initiative comes … Read more