Tragedy in Burneyville Sparks Push for Domestic Violence Registry and Alert System

BURNEYVILLE, Okla. – The family of a missing woman whose body was found in Burneyville, Oklahoma is working to raise awareness about the dangers of domestic violence. Stephanie Loftin, who was reported missing from Lamar County, Texas, was found deceased on a property in Burneyville after an extensive search. According to Loftin’s nieces, Ava Fender … Read more

Scam Alert: Police Investigate ‘Mysterious’ Deaths Linked to Land Registry Scheme in Uttarakhand

DEHRADUN, India – Police in the Indian state of Uttarakhand are investigating four mysterious deaths that are believed to be linked to a land registry scam. The victims were all found dead under suspicious circumstances, prompting authorities to launch a probe into the alleged fraud. Local residents have raised concerns about the deaths, which they … Read more

West Virginia Looks to Establish Animal Abuse Registry as Animal Welfare Bill is Reintroduced

Charleston, West Virginia (AP) – West Virginia is considering the establishment of an animal abuse registry, joining six other states that already have similar measures in place. The registry would list the names of individuals with prior animal abuse history, creating more transparency for animal shelters and potential adopters. The effort is being led by … Read more