“Superfog” Pileup Death Toll Revised Down After Louisiana Crash Carnage [Keyword: Louisiana]

Roughly 150 cars were involved in a series of accidents on Interstate 55 west of New Orleans. The accidents were caused by low visibility due to a combination of wildfire smoke and dense fog, a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “superfog.” The initial death toll of 7 people was later revised to 8, but further … Read more

Toll of Afghan Earthquakes Revised to ‘Over 1000’ by Taliban-Run Ministry, Impacts Reveal by Reuters

KABUL, Afghanistan – The death toll from the recent earthquakes in Afghanistan has been revised by the Taliban-run ministry, with the number now reported to be ‘over 1000’, down from the initial count of over 2400. The earthquakes have caused widespread devastation in the region, with many buildings and homes being reduced to rubble. The … Read more