Body of Suchana Seth’s Son Brought to Bengaluru, Final Rites Today

The body of Suchana Seth’s son has been brought to Bengaluru, India, for the final rites. The deceased, identified as the son of the well-known actress Suchana Seth, passed away under tragic circumstances. The family members have returned to Bengaluru to perform the last rites and bid their final farewell to the departed soul. Suchana … Read more

Bengaluru Startup CEO’s Husband Performs Last Rites of Murdered 4-Year-Old Son as Autopsy Reveals Gruesome Details

Bengaluru, India – The CEO of a Bengaluru startup, Suchana Seth, is facing a harrowing tragedy as her husband performed the last rites of their 4-year-old son on Wednesday morning. The child was murdered, and the autopsy report has revealed disturbing details about the incident, shedding light on the heinous nature of the crime. According … Read more