Harold Shipman’s Family Fears Hundreds More Victims

MANCHESTER, England – Nearly 20 years after the death of notorious serial killer Harold Shipman, the family of his first victim is haunted by the fear that there are potentially hundreds of additional unidentified victims. In 1975, Shipman fatally overdosed 71-year-old Eva Lyons, a patient of his, with morphine. Moments after committing the heinous crime, … Read more

Shipman’s Victim’s Family Fears True Death Toll is Higher Than Feared

Todmorden, England – Debbie Bartlett, granddaughter of one of Harold Shipman’s victims, believes that the death toll caused by the notorious doctor may be much higher than previously thought. Shipman, also known as “Dr. Death,” was a British general practitioner who is considered one of the worst serial killers in the country’s history. In 1975, … Read more