Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Calls Out President Biden’s Speech at Historic Black Church, Calls Act Offensive

DES MOINES, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley criticized President Joe Biden’s recent speech at a historic South Carolina church, where nine Black parishioners were slain in a 2015 racist attack. Haley called it “offensive” for Biden to give what she described as a “political speech” at the church, questioning his authority to lecture … Read more

Joe Biden Condemns Donald Trump’s Joking About Violent Attacks in Campaign Speech Near Valley Forge

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. – President Joe Biden criticized former President Donald Trump during a campaign speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. His speech took place before the third anniversary of the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Biden referred to the attack as β€œan attempt to overturn a free and fair election by force and … Read more

Democracy in Peril: Key Quotes from Biden’s Jan. 6 Speech Highlight Urgent Call to Action

WASHINGTON (AP) β€” US President Biden delivered a speech on January 6, addressing the state of democracy in the country. During his speech, he made key points about the events that took place on that day and their impact on the nation. Biden emphasized the importance of safeguarding democracy and called for unity in upholding … Read more

Biden Accuses Trump of Threatening American Democracy in Forceful Campaign Speech

VALLEY FORGE, Pennsylvania – In a recent campaign speech, President Joe Biden raised concerns about the state of American democracy and positioned his likely election opponent, Donald Trump, as a significant threat. The speech, delivered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, emphasized the urgent question of whether democracy remains America’s sacred cause. With the backdrop of the … Read more

Biden 2024 Campaign Kicks Off with Speech on Political Violence at Historic South Carolina Church

COLUMBIA, S.C. – President Joe Biden is set to kick off his 2024 reelection campaign with a visit to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The historic church was the site of a tragic shooting in 2015, where nine Black churchgoers were killed by a white supremacist. During his visit, Biden plans … Read more