Threatened Joey Barton vowing to silence Gary Neville after sexist slur row

BRISTOL, England – Former English soccer player Joey Barton ignited controversy with his recent sexist remarks against female pundits, resulting in a threat toward Gary Neville after he denounced Barton’s comments. This comes after Barton made disparaging comments about female soccer pundits, claiming they are not qualified to analyze men’s soccer. Neville backed these remarks and was subsequently threatened by Barton.

In response to Neville’s support of ITV’s condemnation of Barton’s previous sexist comments, Barton threatened Neville in a tweet, warning him to “keep your head down or you will get emptied as well.” This threat was made in response to ITV’s post, which called out previous sexist comments by Barton, likening female pundits to serial killers.

Adding to the controversy, Barton also aimed derogatory comments at Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward, comparing them to notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West. His comments have sparked outrage, drawing criticism and backlash from both fellow pundits and fans, as well as an official statement from ITV Sports condemning his remarks.

Barton, known as one of football’s more controversial figures, has a history of making controversial statements, and his recent tirade has only added to his contentious reputation. This follows his sacking as Bristol Rovers manager in October, as well as his past legal issues, including a prison sentence in 2008 for assault.

The ongoing exchange between Barton and Neville has inflamed tensions and has further highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding sexism in soccer punditry. This controversy underscores the challenges female pundits face in gaining acceptance and respect in a male-dominated field like soccer analysis.

Both Barton and Neville have been approached for comment on the matter, as the controversy continues to unfold.