University of Hyderabad Students’ Union Ends Protest After Administration Promises Investigation into Violent Attack

Hyderabad, India – The Students’ Union of the University of Hyderabad recently ended an eight-day protest, following promises by the university administration to investigate a violent attack that took place on campus during the celebration of Rama Navami on April 17.

The protest was called off after assurances from the administration that a report on the violence would be submitted by Tuesday, April 30. The students had been calling for a thorough investigation into what they described as a “planned” attack by members of ABVP on students associated with the left-wing Student Federation of India (SFI) and the Students’ Union president Ateeq Ahmed.

According to the victims, the attack occurred on the night of April 17 when a student affiliated with ABVP allegedly assaulted a Muslim student linked to SFI in front of his room at J-hostel. The situation escalated as other ABVP members reportedly joined in the assault, attacking students who tried to intervene.

An SFI student leader, speaking anonymously, claimed that the attack was in retaliation for the objection raised by a Muslim student on the coordination committee regarding a Hindutva pop song promoting communal hatred played during the Economics department’s farewell party on April 13. The student was reportedly threatened with disappearance and told to “go to Pakistan,” echoing similar incidents in the past.

Allegations were also made that the students responsible for the attack hold influential positions within ABVP and have been absent from classes for multiple semesters without being removed from campus. The students involved were accused of past violent behavior, leading to demands for swift action against them.

In response to the incident, a sit-in protest was organized by the students, prompting the formation of a committee to investigate the violence. However, the protest continued as students pressured for a more expedited inquiry process. Additionally, the All India Feminist Alliance (ALIFA) condemned the labeling of the attack as a mere clash between groups, calling for urgent action from the University to address the situation and pending cases involving current or overstaying students.