Animal Cruelty Uncovered: Over 90 Animals Rescued from Horrific Conditions in Pennsylvania Home

BEDFORD, Pa. – Pennsylvania State Police have provided new details regarding the discovery of over 90 animals in a home in Bedford County. Multiple humane societies and law enforcement responded to the scene after receiving a report of animal cruelty at a residence on Old Route 220 in Bedford at the end of December.

Police were called to the scene on Dec. 30 and were met with a strong odor of dog feces and the sound of barking dogs, with no one present at the home at the time. Upon returning to the home the following day, officers discovered numerous dogs covered in feces in the backyard, with one of them having an open wound on its ear.

The homeowners initially claimed to have 15-16 dogs in the house, but later admitted to having around 60. Ultimately, 90 dogs, 8 cats, and a turtle were removed from the property, along with several animal carcasses. The animals were found to be malnourished and covered in feces and urine, confined in stacked cages from floor to ceiling.

The animals were rescued by various veterinary clinics, humane societies, and volunteers, although it was reported that more dogs still needed to be removed from the home. The Bedford County Humane Society is taking in the majority of the animals and is in urgent need of blankets, towels, and financial support to assist with their care.

An investigation into the situation is ongoing. It’s essential to aid the animals that are in distress, and the public is encouraged to support the Bedford County Humane Society with donations.