Unsolved: WCTV Delves into 2023’s Mysterious Cold Cases

Tallahassee, Florida – WCTV recently delved into the world of unsolved crimes, taking a closer look at some of the cases from 2023. This in-depth investigation brings to light the plight of victims and their families, as well as the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to solve these mysteries. One of the cases featured is … Read more

Parole Granted, Then Rescinded for KK’s Corner Killer: 2023’s Top 10 Stories

Lake Charles, LA – Thomas Cisco, the convicted murderer in the infamous KK’s Corner triple homicide case, was granted parole on February 8, 2023, after serving 24 years of his 90-year sentence. However, the decision was quickly rescinded the following day, leaving the community and victims’ families in shock and disbelief. Back in 1997, Cisco … Read more