Prison Crisis Unveiled: Calls for Reform Amplified as Warden and Staffers Face Charges for Inmate Deaths

Madison, Wisconsin – The historic Waupun Correctional Institution, Wisconsin’s oldest prison with a stone exterior reminiscent of “Shawshank Redemption,” is facing increased scrutiny in light of recent charges against the warden and his staff. Concerns about the facility’s deterioration, extended lockdowns, and staffing shortages have long raised calls for action. The charges stem from the … Read more

Elephant Deaths in Zimbabwe Linked to Bacterial Infection Amplified by Climate Change, Study Says

Hwange, Zimbabwe – A mysterious mass death of African elephants in northwestern Zimbabwe between August and November 2020 has finally been unraveled. The cause, according to a new report authored by scientists, could be more likely to occur amid conditions created by the ongoing climate crisis. According to researchers, 35 African elephants dropped dead under … Read more