Bacterial Infection Identified as Cause of Mass Elephant Deaths in Africa

HWANGE, Zimbabwe – Scientists may have cracked the mystery behind the deaths of hundreds of endangered African elephants after discovering a peculiar bacterium responsible for the fatal infections. Between August and September 2020, 34 elephants were found dead in northwestern Zimbabwe, with an additional death reported in November of that same year. Prior to this, … Read more

Elephant Deaths in Zimbabwe and Botswana Linked to Bacterial Blood Poisoning, New Study Finds

Mysterious elephant deaths in Zimbabwe in 2020 have been linked to blood poisoning caused by bacteria, according to a study in Nature Communications. The deaths of 35 elephants in north-western Zimbabwe and 356 others in Botswana raised concerns in the scientific community, prompting an investigation into the cause. The study found that the deaths were … Read more

Elephant Deaths in Zimbabwe Linked to Bacterial Infection Amplified by Climate Change, Study Says

Hwange, Zimbabwe – A mysterious mass death of African elephants in northwestern Zimbabwe between August and November 2020 has finally been unraveled. The cause, according to a new report authored by scientists, could be more likely to occur amid conditions created by the ongoing climate crisis. According to researchers, 35 African elephants dropped dead under … Read more

Bacterial Infection Claims 35 Elephants in Zimbabwe, Scientists Reveal Culprit

In Harare, Zimbabwe, a modern reimagining of the classic detective series “Columbo” has sparked intrigue among viewers, while real-world scientists have cracked a cold case involving the deaths of 35 elephants in the country. The new series, “Poker Face,” features a casino worker turned fugitive with the ability to detect lies, solving mysteries while on … Read more

Mysterious Bacterial Outbreak Killing Elephants in Zimbabwe Linked to Bisgaard Taxon 45, New Study Finds

VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE — In late August 2020, wildlife veterinarian Chris Foggin was in the midst of investigating the mysterious deaths of several elephants suspected of anthrax poisoning when he received a call about more fatalities. The next day, another five dead elephants were discovered in the scorching Zimbabwean sun. Foggin and his team worked … Read more